Wednesday, November 12, 2008

avast! 4 Home Edition

avast! 4 Home Edition is a light weight, feature rich antivirus package which is ICSA certified and awarded by the Secure Computing Magazine. This is free antivirus software to be used for noncommercial purposes, that is mainly at home. avast! 4 Home Edition sports a trendy Media Player style interface and its high performance antivirus kernel has great detection abilities. Users benefit highly from its built-in capacity to detect viruses hidden in alternate data streams on NTFS volumes, viruses spreading between users, and even Trojan horses. Its outstanding unpacking support is yet another advantage. In fact, it can scan inside almost all popular archive formats. Additionally, avast! 4 Home Edition supports a number of executable packers (PKLite, Diet, UPX, ASPack, PeShield, FSG, MEW etc.). Its powerful resident module can easily detect a virus before it infects your computer. Another interesting feature of this software is the Virus Chest, which is a safe, isolated folder to store infected, suspicious and even system files, and to restore them later. You can even work with the files in the Chest, though with some security restrictions. Installing avast! 4 Home Edition takes over 2 minutes, though it does ask you to restart your system to install all its features. However, the next time that you start your PC after having installed the software, be prepared for a delayed start as it scans all your files.

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