Wednesday, November 12, 2008

VCD Cutter Pro 4.16.8 free

What is VCD Cutter and why do I want one? Well have you ever thought that the video or movie you are watching would have been better without a certain part? Or have you ever wished you could create that perfect home video throwing parts from different movie and video clips? Well now you can with the VCD Cutter. Pro

The VCD Cutter is only 10 dollars and does a variety of very cool and fun features. The file size considering what it does is very small only 18.2 MB and can be found on many shareware sites. It is extremely user friendly and the video control playback very nice. It plays MPEG, VCD, DVDM AVI, and OGG. It supports slide shows, grab picture during video files, clip admiring, and generates a video file screenshot, on-line video broadcasting, with the ability to send your frames and pictures to a Webcam. Oh and did I mention that you can download and try VCD cutter for free.
You can also use the VCD cutter files in Biliao, Liaoliao, EPH, QQ, MSN, NetMeeting, UC, and other software or chat rooms, which mean you, can show everyone on your Internet list, the movie and pictures you created using VCD Cutter. There are other great features to the VCD Cutter as well, such as; image resizing, playback speed control, volume control, and the files are saved as AVI and MPG1 format.

Download Here

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