Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FLV Player

FLV Player is a visual treat and a great innovation for viewing compelling video demos / presentations, rich media advertisements, training content, and even memorable personal videos. You can certainly view flash movies through Macromedia Flash Player, but if you are looking for more control over your viewing, FLV player is the answer. Globally recognized as a fabulous format, FLV Player uses SWF players to connect to the .flv file, through progressive download of streaming either via Flash Communications Server or Flash Media Server. A useful open-source freeware program, it has exceedingly simple controls that allow you to navigate forward and backward, and also to play the videos in a loop. As a standalone application, FLV Player allows you to play with Flash FLV files. Installing FLV Player is simple and quick. It does not require you to fill in complicated forms, does not subscribe you to redundant services, nor does it spam your mailbox.

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